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With hundreds of closed properties valued over millions, Debbie and Bruce Schwanbeck have lived in the DFW metroplex as well as the country and lake life.  If you are dreaming about a different city, suburb, master planned community, small town living, rural area, lake living, farm & ranch, acreage, golf course living or something totally unique, Debbie & Bruce with The Schwanbeck Group will help you find your next dream home to live a more purpose driven lifestyle. Browse through our customized web pages and click on the ready-to-go button "Properties For Sale" under each city. Whether you are looking for a weekend lake house, acreage to be developed into ranch land, a short term rental property, or a forever home to be enjoyed by family for generations to come… we would be honored to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials are important. In today's world we all look at reviews before we make a purchase. Bruce and Debbie Schwanbeck have many reviews from past clients.

Dream Living Goals

There are important things to consider when moving to a lake, farm & ranch, or residential areas of Texas.

What To Consider When Living On a Lake

Debbie & Bruce Schwanbeck have a lot of experience with lake living in the East Texas portion of Texas.  We have lived the full time lake living experience at Cedar Creek Lake for many years.  

  1. Is your agent familiar with the territory that you are considering?
  2. Why do you want to live on a lake? What is the goal?
    • Is it about the view - does Sunset or Sunrise matter?
    • Do you want open water, channel or cove?
    • Is it about the breeze - East/West/North/South?
    • Is it about outdoor family time?
    • Do you just want to fish?
    • Do you want to be able to ski, wakeboard, jetski, tube, swim, paddleboard, kayak?
    • Do you want to just see the water but not go out on it?
  3. Do you want a pool?
  4. Do you want to own the land or have a long term lease?
  5. Do you want wildlife in your area?
  6. What kind of boat do you have? Is it a fully loaded boat with a rack to pull wakeboarders and skiers or a pontoon boat? Size and weight are important. The bigger the boat, the deeper the water you need, and the more expensive the homes are.
  7. Are you going to live and use the lakehome and/or do you want to be able to use the property as a VRBO or airBnB? Lakes and subdivisions have different rules and guidelines and property owner associations (POA) or HOA's. Some might not allow renting of properties. Buyer's need to work with agents that are familiar with the area, lakes, rules and so much more.
  8. Would an Offwater home with a water view work and a property owners park (POA) with boat launch?

To learn about Cedar Creek Lake, click here to be redirected to our CCL page.  The question we get asked the most about Cedar Creek Lake - "What side of the lake is best and where"?  Click here  to be redirected to the answer on our Cedar Creek Lake subdivision page. We can assist you at many of the East Texas lakes and DFW area.  To get you started, our website has a lot of information regarding Texas Lakes

What To Consider When Living On Ranch/Farm & Land

Ag-exempt land is typically at least 10 acres. The land must be used for agricultural purposes for 5 of the last 7 years and must be in Ag use currently. Agricultural purpose could be crop production, livestock, beekeeping, timber resources, wildlife management and more. Animals could be cattle, sheep, and goats (poultry may qualify for a special exemption). Contact your local county Ag office to find out the county rules and get educated about 'Ag Exempt living'.  Did you know that beekeeping is the easiest way to keep an Ag valuation?  You don't need fencing, barn, trailers, expensive livestock, hay/food, and veterinarians. Click here to review the Texas Ag Exemption handout. 

  1. Is your agent familiar with the territory that you are considering?
  2. Why do you want to live on a ranch, farm and land? What is the goal?
  3. Do you want Ag Exempt land?  To continue Ag Exempt, what is your plan for continuing that?
  4. What kind of animals do you plan on having?
  5. How many bedrooms, baths, garage, how much acreage, etc do you need?
  6. Do you have farm/ranch, livestock equipment or will you need to purchase?
  7. Do you need a barn, hay barn, pond, cropland, fencing, etc?

What To Consider When Living In Residential Areas Of Texas

Texas is a big territory.  Our state offers many different kinds of residential living from large metropolitan areas, suburbs outside of the metropolitan areas, master planned communities and more.  

  1. Is your agent familiar with the territory that you are considering?
  2. Why do you want to live in ---? What is the goal?
  3. Is it about schools, neighborhood, close to family, proximity to work?
  4. What features do you require in your dream home? #bedrooms, #baths, square footage, special rooms, garage, lot size, etc.
  5. What do you 'Not want'?
  6. What amenities do you need close by?
  7. Are you searching for a master planned community?
  8. Are you ok with living in a community with an HOA or POA?  Don't rule out a home in a POA.  POA's typically are much less restrictive than HOA's.

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